Hi! I'm Josef!

I was born in May 1985 and currently living in Baden near Vienna, Austria. I am working as a professional web developer since 2008. Among the various content management systems, TYPO3 CMS is my favorite by far. I received my TYPO3 CMS integrator certificate in 2011. My personal experiences with TYPO3 CMS date back to 2004. Meanwhile I created a foundation living and working with the TYPO3 product palette.

I am a passionate photographer, focusing on people's faces and motions. Get in touch with me now to learn more about my portfolio.

I combine my addiction to life, my girlfriend, family and friends with sports like snowboarding, mountain biking and triathlon. Those activities give me the ultimate combination together with other IT related topics I am into like DevOps, SysAdmin, SoHo networks, Linux, OpenVPN, Chef, Jenkins, Scrum, IoT and gaming.

Work Experience

If you are looking for an experienced technician for your team/company or project, contact me. I am always interested in new challenges. Detailed CV on request!

2012 - 2015

Web Developer / Full time / opendo GmbH

TYPO3 CMS Integration, TYPO3 CMS Maintenance, Technical Support, TYPO3 Extension Development (Extbase), Frontend Development, DevOps, Hosting, Scrum, Rocket Kanban, Project Management, Chef Cookbooks, Web design.

2008 until today

Developer / Part time / Independent contractor

WEB/IT/DESIGN: Concept, Design, Development of (mobile) Websites, Enterprise Content Management Systems (TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Neos), TYPO3 Extension Development (Extbase), Static Websites (Jekyll), TYPO3 CMS Training, DevOps, Custom Vagrant Boxes, Chef Provisioning, Proactive Website Hosting, Apache Solr Integration, Varnish, Small Office and Home Network Consulting/Support.

2011 - 2012

Certified TYPO3 Integrator / Freelancer

PHP Development, TYPO3 CMS Integration, TYPO3 Extension Development (piBase), Frontend Development, TYPO3 CMS Maintainance, Magento, Wordpress, Kanban, Project Management, DevOps, Web design.

2007 - 2008

Technical Consultant / Full time / orchestra Service GmbH

Backup, storage & archiving solutions (EMC Networker, EMC EmailXtender, EMC DataDomain DeDuplication, EMC DiskXtender, ...), 1/2nd level support.


Network administration / Full time / Luckerbauer GmbH

Complete restructuring and planning of a new computer network for a local car dealer on the basis of a temporary employment relationship. MS Windows Server, MS Exchange, Symantec Backup Exec, Trend Micro, Cisco Managed Switches, inhouse first level IT-support and Hardware Maintenance.


Fell in love with TYPO3

Built my first website with TYPO3 3.8-dev for the volleyball club "Volleylions".

2000 - 2006

Industrial Electrician / Full time / Semperit Reifen GmbH

Apprenticeship and working as an industrial electrician.

1985 - 2000

Growing Up / Full time / Parents GmbH

Born to live. Enjoyed my childhood. First computer experience. Kissed a girl for the first time. Created my first website. Completed elementary school.

I have worked for a number of European agencies.
Employers love my loyalty, flexibility and professionalism. Clients love my initiative and collegial approach.

Tools and software I am familiar with

JetBrains PhpStorm JetBrains RubyMine 1Password Alfred CodeBox CodeRunner Dash Homebrew iTerm iA Writer Pro InVision Jenkins Kaleidoscope Mac OS X MAMP Pro Markdown reStructuredText rsync/scp ScreenFlow Sequel Pro Sphynx TextExpander Transmit fournova Tower Ubuntu Vagrant Virtaal VirtualBox VMware Fusion ZSH Behat Redmine Rocket Kanban Scrum Selenium Wraith

A summery of my skills

Beginner Basic Intermediate Advanced Expert
Coding, Web Development

PHP Javascript CSS HTML TypoScript 1 OnPage SEO

TYPO3 CMS Integration TYPO3 CMS Extension Development (Extbase) TYPO3 Neos Integration Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMS Jekyll powered Websites Symfony Twitter Bootstrap (Sass) Zurb Foundation Wordpress

Git, Gitflow Sass Bower Composer Grunt Gulp

DevOps, Network, System Adminstration

Generally very good computer skills. Linux system administration for many years. Setting up virtual private networks (OpenVPN). I build custom Vagrant base boxes with HashiCorp Packer. I deploy websites with Capistrano, TYPO3 Surf and rsync. I'm writing chef cookbooks. I am familiar with OpenWrt routers. My favorite linux distribution is ubuntu. I'm using Jenkins as continuous integration server.
IPTables Shell Scripting Ansible BackupPC Bacula Backup System Docker KVM

Design and Photography

Responsive Web Design Atomic Web Design Graphic Design Print design Adobe Illustrator A. InDesign A. Photoshop A. Photoshop Lightroom A. Premiere OmniGraffle Bohemian Sketch

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